About us

freedomdesigns was established in 1996. When our company was set up, its founders already had a tremendous professional experience, having worked for various websites development and support companies.

We have state-of-the-art development facilities which enable us to provide high quality and cost effective designing solutions to clients worldwide.

The websites we design all have their own style. It is just impossible to ignore them. Our goal is to create a constantly renewed interest in our products and encourage users to explore their designs and easy-to-navigate structures. Our professional team constantly hones their skill to ensure that you stay ahead in this competitive world.

What we do :

• All kinds of graphics designing
• Illustrative works like comic books,
   mascot character creation
• Product packaging design
• 2D and 3D modelling and animations
• Website design and development
• Audio-visual material
• Different types of printings which includes
  Silk Screen, Offset, Digital, Special effects etc.


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