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By Hammar G.W.

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Linked with this is a heightened awareness of the need for environmental protection. New materials & new designs are being used that require new inspection technology. There is also a move towards greater automation, and the willingness to invest in high technology solutions to reduce inspection costs, improve quality, speed up inspection and sentencing. In some cases the move is towards reducing the need for inspections that interrupt service by new strategies such as structural health monitoring (SHM).

In either case, improved ways are needed to facilitate the movement of new technology from left to right along the chain. 2. Case Studies of NDE Research and Innovation There are many potential examples within the field of electromagnetic NDE, but only a small number can be examined here with a view to understanding the process whereby a research idea is converted into an industrial technology. The examples are selected from the knowledge and experience of the author, and selection or omission is not a value judgment of the product in question.

Research itself, or the development process that follows can be hindered by the wrong level of funding, more commonly too little but occasionally too much at a time when the team is unable to deliver what is anticipated. This leads on to the importance of correctly managing expectations. Often researchers are over-optimistic about what they will achieve and their speed of progress in order to secure funds. When they fail to meet their customer’s expectations the development may be dropped for the wrong reasons.

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