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By Tony D.

For those who loved The Game...

Sebastian had man-boobs, and lifestyles used to be a bummer...until he obtained surgical procedure and came upon a web neighborhood of Pickup Artists. relocating to Montreal, he stumbles right into a international of events, intercourse, medicinal drugs, and drama - merely to emerge with a brand new, yet questionable realizing of himself, girls, and the human situation.

Have you ever puzzled, how lengthy will it take to discover good fortune with ladies? Does this Pickup Artist stuff fairly work?

What compels a guy to relentlessly flirt for activity, and at what cost?

Part guide, half hipster-Unicorn sexual experience tale, 1000 Tiny disasters is a hilarious and addicting novel, for males who are looking to increase, and ladies who are looking to understand.

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Ahh! " "My dirty cuddle whore…" "…" "…" "Hey. " I must have hit on hundreds of girls since I arrived in Montreal. I would love to believe she saw the, umm, special, in me…but I just got lucky. No sex though. After she fell asleep, I snuck into the bathroom and politely rubbed one out. The third date night, I had Olivia in my room and Eric was in the kitchen eavesdropping. She was telling me about a street rave happening that night. 55 "There's gonna be lots of pillzzz people," she said. " Eric popped his head through the door.

I got a beer, and then another, and felt quite naked drinking alone. All I had to do was say something, anything, to somebody. I slinked through the club, and was bumped around by the cruel dance floor before I made my way onto the terrace; it was packed with handsome hipsters—an ocean of American Apparel outfits under perfectly coifed hair, drinking Pabst beneath Chinese lamps. Focus Sebastian. 42 I spotted three hotties, and tried to move, but my legs were frozen—I couldn't do it. The girls sensed my fear vibrations with their pussy-powers, and their eyes grew wide, pupils probably dilating too.

No. The T-Rex is huge. " Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a commotion. I looked over and Eric was arguing with some tall lanky scenester guy. " I've got issues with bullies. Actually, I was craving combat. Nearly a month of hitting on girls and not getting laid, my over-abundance of testosterone boiled my blood. I finished my beer and marched over, mentally preparing for battle. I didn't know yet that Eric was a brutal drug fiend and this guy was his junkie wingman. I approached the tall guy.

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