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By Steven Rado

ISBN-10: 0966757106

ISBN-13: 9780966757101

Aethro-Kinematics is an alternate thought for resolving the perplexities of recent mathematical physics and cosmology. The reinstatement of logic and classical good judgment. the straightforward physics of the 3rd millennium. A dissident substitute to modern theoretical physics. good judgment physics for resolving smooth mathematical paradoxes.

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Someone outside has fastened a rope to the elevator and is pulling, with a constant force. It is immaterial how this is done. Again we shall listen to the explanation of the phenomena going on in the elevator and given by both the outside and inside observers. "The outside observer: 'My coordinate system is an inertial one. The observers inside the elevator are in absolute motion. They do not find that bodies on which no forces are acting, are at rest. If a body is left free, it soon collides with the floor of the elevator.

This local character of the coordinate system is quite essential. Free Fall - Accelerated Frame "The inertial character of this coordinate system is limited in space and time. This local character of the coordinate system is quite essential. ) and our whole argument would fail. " It is equally important to save the assumption of the inside observer that he is in an inertial system and not in a gravitational field, which would be obvious if the elevator was large enough to detect that the bodies are not at rest but moving towards each other while gravitating towards the center point of the gravitational mass.

3. CONSTANCY OF THE VELOCITY OF LIGHT . Remember that the 'laws of physics' include the laws of the Electromagnetic Theory too, and as it has been established by the Special Theory for uniform motion, one would expect that somehow the constancy of the measured velocity of light should also hold for systems in nonuniform motion. Accelerated motion, from the standpoint of velocity can be taken as a sequence of uniform motions with increasing velocities. If in uniform motion the measured constancy of the velocity of light is secured by the contraction of rulers and the slowing down of clocks, then acceleration should result in continuous contractions of rulers and in continuous decreases in the rhythm of the clocks, thereby assuring the measured constancy.

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