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By Li A.-M., et al.

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During this monograph, the interaction among geometry and partial differential equations (PDEs) is of specific curiosity. It supplies a selfcontained advent to analyze within the final decade touching on worldwide difficulties within the idea of submanifolds, resulting in a few forms of Monge-Ampère equations. From the methodical perspective, it introduces the answer of sure Monge-Ampère equations through geometric modeling ideas. the following geometric modeling potential the best number of a normalization and its brought about geometry on a hypersurface outlined via an area strongly convex worldwide graph. For a greater realizing of the modeling options, the authors supply a selfcontained precis of relative hypersurface idea, they derive very important PDEs (e.g. affine spheres, affine maximal surfaces, and the affine consistent suggest curvature equation). referring to modeling strategies, emphasis is on conscientiously established proofs and exemplary comparisons among assorted modelings.

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From the definition of the conormal it follows that dΛ = dU, b − x − U, dx = Ui , b − x ω i . Hence Λi = U i , b − x . We calculate the second covariant derivative (called the covariant Hessian of Λ(x)) Λ,ij ω j = dΛi − ωij Λj = dUi , b − x − Ui , dx − = dUi − = ωij Λj ωij Uj , b − x − Ui , ej ω j ( U,ij , b − x − Ui , ej ) ω j . Therefore, the G-covariant Hessian of Λ satisfies Λ,ij = U,ij , b − x − Ui , ej . 4) The covariant conormal structure equations and the apolarity condition imply: Covariant PDEs for the support function.

3. Terminology. It is a consequence of the uniqueness Theorem that the pair (G, A) is a fundamental system of the hypersurface, that means one is able to determine all unimodular invariants of the hypersurface, and thus its geometry, from G and A. Because of the relations ∇ = ∇ + A, ∇∗ = ∇ − A one can also consider the pairs (G, ∇) or (G, ∇∗ ) as fundamental systems. Different versions of the Fundamental Theorem. There exist different versions of the Fundamental Theorem, namely to each fundamental system there is a modified version of the existence and uniqueness theorem.

5in ws-book975x65 Affine Bernstein Problems and Monge-Amp` ere Equations Completeness in Affine Geometry In affine differential geometry there are different notions of completeness for a locally strongly convex hypersurface x. Principally, one can consider the completeness of any relative metric. 1 we list the completeness notions that are of importance for our investigations. In later sections we will study relations between different notions of completeness. 1 Affine completeness and Euclidean completeness Definition.

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