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By Sam Mbah, I. E. Igariwey

ISBN-10: 1884365051

ISBN-13: 9781884365058

The 1st e-book at the subject. Covers anarchistic components in conventional African societies, African communalism, “African socialism,” and the after-effects of colonialism.

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111–112) Smith (1946) therefore concluded that bwanga was the ultimate holy concept for the Ila. It is important to point out that today the word bwanga has acquired a largely pejorative meaning, which it may not formerly have had, not only in Ila society but throughout Zambia. It now refers to a charm, and therefore to a means of acquiring supernatural power, not to be used in the benevolent sense of white magic, but for harmful, illicit, and antisocial purposes. Arguing somewhat in terms of the academic stage theory—that cultures and religions follow different stages of development—Smith believed that missionaries would help the Ila develop from having a spiritual awareness to knowing God (the Supreme Being) and receiving the full light of His revelation in Jesus Christ.

Oxford: Oxford University Press. , & Kelly, M. (1995). Women and AIDS in Zambia: A review of the psychological factors implicated in the transmission of HIV and AIDS. AIDS Care, 7(3), 365–373. Colson, E. (2005). AIDS and behavioural change: Gwembe Valley, Zambia. African Social Research, 51, 1–19. Colson, E. (2006). Tonga religious life in the twentieth century. Lusaka: Bookworld. , & Comaroff, J. ). (1993). Modernity and its malcontents: Ritual and power in postcolonial Africa. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

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