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By Richard Walker

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Readers embark on a wonderful voyage via human biology and become aware of the body’s bits and bobs as they’ve by no means noticeable them prior to. starting with the elemental development blocks, carrying on with to the physique in motion, and concluding with the body’s structures, this can be a compact and complete examine the sweetness that's the human computer.

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Plasma consists of water and more than 100 dissolved substances including nutrients, wastes, and hormones. Q Where are blood cells made? A Bones contain a jelly-like material called bone marrow. Adults have two types: yellow bone marrow, found in long bones, stores fat; red bone marrow, found mainly in flat bones, produces all types of blood cells including platelets. The bones that contain red marrow are coloured pink on this skeleton. In babies, all bone marrow is red. Red bone marrow White blood cell Q Are white blood cells really white?

The left side controls the right side of your body and vice versa. Normally the left side dominates, which explains why most people are right handed. But in about 10 per cent of people the right side is dominant so they are left handed. Neurons in the brain More Facts Q How can reflexes protect A me from danger? If you touch something sharp or very hot, you automatically pull your hand away without thinking about it. This is an example of a reflex – an action that is rapid, unchanging, and protects us from harm.

The senses of smell and taste are closely linked; both are located in the head – one in the nose and the other in the mouth. Both detect chemicals that are carried in the air (smell) or food (taste). And they help us to distinguish between the sweetness of sweets, and the bitterness of foods that might be poisonous. Bitter tastes are best detected here Smell receptors at the end of olfactory (smell) nerve branches in the nasal cavity Tongue Nerve from the taste buds at the rear of the tongue Q How do taste buds work?

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