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The intense absorption was readily connected with the metallic reflexion. An oral account of these observations was given at a meeting of the Cambridge Philosophical Society on March 15, 1852; but it was not till the observations were a second time described, with some slight additions, at the meeting of the British Association at Belfast, that any account of them was published. A notice of this communication appeared in the Athenceum of September 25, 1852, and from this the report in Cosmos seems to be taken, though the latter is not free from errors.

43 the pencil polarized perpendicularly to the plane of incidence becomes,usually of a richer colour, in consequence of the removal, in a great measure, of that portion of the reflected light which is independent of the metallic properties of the medium; it commonly becomes, also, more strictly related to that light which is absorbed with such great intensity. The reflexion from a transparent medium is weakened or destroyed by bringing the medium into optical contact with another having nearly or exactly the same refractive index.

This was in fact the spectrum which had already been exhibited in connexion with the fundamental experiment. The prisms and lens which the Lecturer had been employing in forming the spectrum were actually made of quartz. The spectrum thus obtained was filled from end to end with bright bands. When a piece of glass was interposed in the path of the incident rays, the length of the spectrum was reduced to a small fraction of what it had been, all the more refracted part being cut away. A strong discharge of a Leyden jar had been found to give a spectrum at least as long as the former, but not, like it, consisting of nothing but isolated bright bands.

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