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Even at my reduced pace, though, the stability is excellent. After a few laps, I pitch the car hard into the corners, trying to find the handling imbalance that often plagues a newly developed car. Either the SCG003 doesn’t have one or I’m simply not going fast enough. Quickly coming to the limit of engine rpm, I silently damn the ailing fuel pump that’s whirring out of earshot behind me. In most cars with this level of extreme performance, I’m skittish, afraid to push the limit, but I’m quickly comfortable in the SCG.

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As a result, I was blackballed from SCCA’s committees and boards for years. Maybe I still am. But the membership rose up and demanded a Spec Miata national class. DOWIE: Well, I don’t know about that. The process took a year, which is what’s supposed to happen. DANIELS: But once it went national, it exploded. When the economic downturn hit, it was only Spec Miata racing that kept some of the regions going. Our region would have gone bankrupt. A lot of these regions derive 60 percent or more of their income from Spec Miata.

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