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By Alfred C. Roth, Ronald J. Baird

ISBN-10: 0870069195

ISBN-13: 9780870069192

Simple info on small engine development, upkeep, carrier, and service.

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D-Exhaust begins as rotor tip passes exhaust port. Rotor motion provides complete scavenging, pushing spent gases out port before trailing rotor tip closes it. ) 46 Small Gas Engines revolves three times for each revolu tion of the rotor . Fig: 3-19 illustra tes the cycle of events as they take place throug h one revolu tion of the rotor. Don't forget that each side of the rotor is a separate and indepe ndent chamb er. Theref ore, one rotor does the same work as a three-c ylinder , reciproca ting engine.

With the intake valve open during the intake stroke, atmosp heric pressu re outside the engine forces air throug h the carbur etor. This gives a large boost to the air-fuel induct ion process. With nature balanc ing unequa l pressures in this manner, it follows that the larger the diamet er of the cylinder and the longer the stroke of the piston, the greater the volum e of air ente ring the cylinder on the intake stroke. Bear in mind that the intake valve, Fig. 3-2, perform s several key functions: • It must open at the correct instant to permit intake of air-fue l mixtur e.

I .. I' I II I I : - SILENCER o {JI OR AIR CLEANER ___ FUEL LINE TEE / /FITTI NG FI LTER VEHICLE FUELTANK h - _ - '/ - IMPULSE TUBE I - - - - CRANKCA SE VAPOR RETURN LINE - - . / FUEL TANK LIQUI D FUEL PRESSURIZED A IR FUEL V APOR Fig. 4-18. Vapor return fuel system is one of the best method s for prevent ing a vapor lock. Vapors formed by heat are directed back to fuel tank where they are cooled and conden sed to liquid form. ) Diaph ragm fuel pumps are activat ed by the pulsing vacuum in the intake manifo ld or the crankcase.

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